Media Credentials

Credentials are issued to working professional members of the media that have an assignment related to the Visit Atlantic City Airshow. Members of the media who wish to attend the show but who are not on assignment to cover the show will not receive credentials. Freelance photographers not on assignment will not receive credentials. Credentialed members of the media receive access to the Media Chalet at show center, assistance with obtaining interviews with performers, VIPS, etc.

Credentials are issued to working professional journalists, employed or contracted by bona fide media outlets, who have an assignment related to the Airshow. Credentials allow access to media-only activities, access to the media chalet during the show, and assistance with performer interviews. Members of the media must complete the form online. Freelance photographers must provide assignment letter from editor. Your application must be completed in full, including what media coverage the airshow will receive after the show.

Credentialed media may NOT bring family or friends into the media area nor apply for false credentials to gain their access. Issued credentials require photo ID for parking in the media area and entry to the show.

All media requests must be submitted online by August 4, 2023.


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